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Hope Galaxy is the official NFT collection of the JUNO NFT marketplace powered by $Hope token.

$HOPE token is a deflationary trading currency and store of value.  Users can acquire a mint pass for the NFT collection at cost of 1  $HOPE token which will be then burned to decrease the token supply.

The $HOPE tokens are available on JunoSwap and Osmosis Frontier

Hope Galaxy NFT

Hope Galaxy NFT collections will consist of 4 “Galaxies” and 1 Startship. Each collection has its own traits and stories which are based on the book theKEY. 
40% of the trades fees goes to our NFT stakers 

NFT Live on Marketplace 

Hope Galaxy 1 collection.gif

Hope Galaxy collections (Both mint passes and NFTs) have an 5% applied royalty fee.  Part of the royalty fees (2%) goes to the NFT stakers. The rewards are distributed on a monthly basis (from the 1st to the 3rd of each month). 

NFT Roadmap


Galaxy 1

The start of the evolution of the Human Species in the Cosmos, on the way to explore new Galaxies.

$HOPE Token supply =

16180 $HOPE - 2000 $HOPE

New supply = 14180 $HOPE

Senza titolo-10.png

Galaxy 2

The Evolution from Human to Alien forming a new species of Hybrids in the Cosmos.

$HOPE Token supply =

14180 $HOPE - 2000 $HOPE

New supply = 12180 $HOPE


Galaxy 3

The Evolution from Hybrid to Alien Species in the Cosmos to survive in every Galaxy 

$HOPE Token supply =

12180 $HOPE - 2000 $HOPE

New supply = 10180 $HOPE

Galaxy 4

The ultimate form of the Evolution that results in a Divine Alien Species in the Cosmos with unlimited power and knowledge.

$HOPE Token supply =

10180 $HOPE - 2000 $HOPE

New supply = 8180 $HOPE


Spaceship Galaxy 5

Only 180 Spaceships will be there to save the Cosmonauts are you brave enough to get one? This will be the most scarce NFT set from $HOPE with only 180 NFTs.

$HOPE Token supply =

8180 $HOPE - 180 $HOPE

New supply = 8000 $HOPE


 Deflationary Tokenomics _Tavola disegno 1.jpg

$Hope tokenomics beside having a fixed supply it has also a burning mechanism which makes it deflationary. The entire $HOPE tokens collected from each mint of the collections get burned forever with a projected final supply of 8000 tokens. 

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